BAC English

BAC English

You are going to write the BAC in English in the summer, we recommend you to register at this course! In this course you will go through all the subjects from the baccalaureate test and you take a “simulation” of the template test. You will study in detail each subject from BAC, vocabulary, syntax and morphology, phonetics, spelling and punctuation, etc.

The course will help you deepen your English language skills and get maximum marks at the exam. The course is similar to the programme you study at school, but it is different via the thorough preparation related to each subject.

In this course you will examine the 4 subjects that the Baccalaureate test has:

  1. Working with the text
  2. Grammar
  3. Civilization
  4. Correct elaboration of an essay

The essays you will write along the way will be checked by the teacher and you will be evaluated individually. If you are afraid that you have little time and that the training will be superficial, you should know that we can help you prepare in record time and of course get the maximum score, our students managed to pass the exam, accumulating a 100% score.


Price for Individual 300 MDL / h
Price for adults course1800 MDL / monthly
Price for children course800 MDL / monthly
Course Duration1-9 months
Attendance2-5 days / week
Lesson Duration60/90/ minutes

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