English for children and teenagers

The English course elaborated for children will provide the child with opportunities to develop their conversational level, creativity and team spirit. We work according to British textbooks, the course involves very interesting methods of working with vocabulary and grammar, children simulate different situations in real life which allows them to develop their conversation, as well as, working a lot with audio and video exercises where natives are speaking, and thus, we can learn a beautiful and correct accent. At the end of each course, an exam is held and certificates with the accumulated score are awarded. By investing in your child’s knowledge now, you are giving them great opportunities for the future.

We work for your success!


  • Level 1 (7-8 years)
  • Level 2 (8-9 years)
  • Level 3 (9-10 years)
  • Level 4 (10-11 years)
  • Level 5 (11-12 years)
  • Level 6 (12-13 years)
  • Pre-Intermediate (13-14 years)
  • Pre-Intermediate Extra ( 14-15 years)
  • Intermediate (15-16 years)
  • Intermediate Extra (16-17 years)


Price600 MDL / monthly
Course Duration9 month
Attendance2 days / week
Lesson Duration90 minutes

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