Summer School

Summer School

The summer school Lingvistica offers you the study of English in a more special manner, with new methods that are focused on enhancing the conversation, the method of learning through play. This summer, children have the opportunity to have fun with friends at online courses, we have intensive courses, adapted for the holiday period and which takes place safely, live, online!

Register your child in one or more of our modules as part of the Summer Courses program online, and you will benefit from lessons taught by teachers with extensive experience in teaching English, which use modern techniques and materials to make learning a pleasure in a friendly environment!
If you want a fun and productive vacation for your child, and a carefree one for you, we recommend as a solution our summer school. Summer school covers the age of 7-15 years, children are classified by levels, age and interests, the groups are small, 9 children per group.


Price1200 MDL
Course Duration3 months
Attendance3 days / week
Lesson Duration60 minutes

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