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The translation office “Lingvistica” LLC provides written translation, performed by sworn translators, authorized by the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Moldova, in the terminology related to the following fields:

Legal, Financial-banking, Economic, Political, IT, Medical, Technical, Human resources, Advertising, Tourism, Telecommunications, Marketing, Engineering, Statistics, Public administration, Scientific papers.

At the translation office “Lingvistica” LLC, we perform the written translation of the following types of documents:


We translate documents (Word, Excel, .pdf, .ppt, .jpg, etc.), keeping their initial format as much as possible.

Medical documents

medical certificates and excerpts, medical conclusions and prescriptions, vaccination certificates, etc.

Civil status documents

birth certificates, marriage, death, divorce, criminal records, etc.

Documents regarding the professional activity

diplomas, attachments to diplomas, study certificates, confirmations, etc.

Documents regarding the business activity

the status of the enterprise, authorizations, partnership contracts, documents related to the business, etc.

Legal acts of the court

decisions, extraditions, warrants, powers, laws, draft decisions, regulations, etc.

Real estate documents

certificates of ownership, sale-purchase contracts, authentication title, etc.

Other types of documents

(For details, do not hesitate to contact our translation office).



At the same time, we offer notarial authentication services for the translation of your documents, relieving you of the inconvenient need to waste precious time in notary offices. We work with reliable notaries, who have successfully passed the authorization exam at the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Moldova and are registered in the State Register of Notaries.


The unit of pricing for written translation services is the page. A page contains 1800 characters with spaces in the language in which the translation is performed.

The full price list for written translation services can be viewed by contacting our translation office.

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