Тестировать уровень английского

Тест содержит список вопросов, по которым вы должны выбрать правильный вариант. После ответа на все вопросы и добавления адреса электронной почты отобразится результат теста. Удачи!

They ____ very happy.
Is this your car?
Where are my sunglasses?
There are a lot of __________ in the park.
_____________? I am at work.
What do you do ?
Where do you work ?
Write the antonym for ,, deep”
Every Sunday Mike_____ to a football match.
Jane _____________ at the moment.
What are you going to do tomorrow?
Jane doesn’t have ____ sisters.
Tom is very tall. He’s the ___ boy in the class.
Tim’s father is ________ cook in the family.
Where will you travel ?
What did Jane eat for lunch?
_____? An action movie.
What were you doing yesterday evening?
When was the football match?
It’s raining outside, you ___ take an umbrella with you.
“Congratulations, you’ve won one million Dollars. If I were you, I ____ invest the money in a new business.”
Thanks for ____ to be interviewed for the newspaper, Mr. Brown.
Is it true that you ____ here in Bucharest?
If I ____ known you were visiting us, I would have made some cookies.
Maria can’t come this morning; she’s taking care ____ her little brother.
This year our company is expected to ____ $2 million before tax.
____ being in pain, Mark was not hospitalized.
I think I ought to try somewhere else; I don’t like _____ of these.
If you had told me that you had already been to France, I wouldn’t ____ the holiday in Paris.