French Courses


The study is based on textbooks in French, which ensure an eloquent mastery of the material. To develop the knowledge you need an activity book that is intended for completing the homework. The study takes place dynamically. The notorious stake of this course is practical training. Our teachers create a positive atmosphere during the French language course. The fundamental principle of Lingvistica consists in the fact that the individual approach for any member of the group ensures the process of assimilation and synthesis of knowledge.

The advantage of French language course is that the lessons are organized according to the schedule requested by the client.
The French course is organized in 7 levels, the level being made up of 2 months. The lessons take place three times a week, each lesson lasts 2 astronomical hours.


Price for Individual 200 MDL / h
Price for adults course1400 MDL / monthly
Price for children course600 MDL / monthly
Course Duration1-9 months
Attendance2-5 days / week
Lesson Duration60/90/ minutes

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