Interpreting services



The translation office “Lingvistica” LLC provides you simultaneous and consecutive interpretation services from / in a series of international languages. Within a prodigious activity of over 13 years, we formed a team of specialists authorized by the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Moldova, as well as interpreters involved in various international projects, familiar with the terminology of the following fields:

  • Legal
  • Banking- financial
  • Economic
  • Political
  • IT
  • Medical
  • Technical
  • Human Resources
  • Advertising
  • Tourism
  • Telecomunications
  • Marketing
  • Engineering
  • Statistics
  • Public Administration

We suggest you benefit from interpreting services in the following categories:

  • Accompanying clients to notaries and other institutions
  • Round tables, workshops
  • Conferences, national / international seminars
  • Excursions, exhibitions and organized visits
  • Individualized offers
  • Business meetings
  • Events in the online environment
  • Meetings at the level of ministries, public authorities
  • Various public and / or private events

Simultaneous interpreting

  • Interpretation by using special technical equipment
  • Simultaneous reading of the speaker's speech
  • Chouchotage
  • At sight
  • Interpretation in the online environment

Consecutive interpreting

  • Accompanying interpretation
  • Consecutive interpretation of the speaker's speech
  • Chouchotage
  • At sight
  • Interpretation in online environment

Also, upon request, we organize specialized technical equipment in order to perform simultaneous translation. The technical equipment includes booths for soundproof translations, several translation channels, up to 250 sets of receivers and headphones, wireless microphones, stationary microphones, audio system, projectors, screens, laptops, flipchart. Our colleagues install the equipment the day before the event, and on the appointed day they are there with interpreters to provide you with professional services, ensuring sound quality and technical assistance throughout the event.


It is convenient and practical if you choose the package of simultaneous services + equipment, contact us and we offer you the most advantageous economic solution.

The charging units for interpreting services are hour, day and ½ day.


  • In case of simultaneous translation the presence of 2 interpreters is required, if the event in question lasts more than one hour.
  • In case of consecutive translation, the required number of interpreters depends on the format of the event.

To see the full price list of written translation services, contact our translation office.

Every detail matters!

For this reason please send us the request, related materials and the agenda of the event a few days before, so our team will be able to get acquainted with the portfolio received, will have enough preparation time, and consequently you will benefit from the services corresponding to your expectations.