Test English level

The test contains a question list where you must check the correct option. After you answer all the questions  and write your  email address, the test result will be indicated. Wish you good luck!

They ____ very happy.
Is this your car?
Where are my sunglasses?
There are a lot of __________ in the park.
_____________? I am at work.
What do you do ?
Where do you work ?
Write the antonym for ,, deep”
Every Sunday Mike_____ to a football match.
Jane _____________ at the moment.
What are you going to do tomorrow?
Jane doesn’t have ____ sisters.
Tom is very tall. He’s the ___ boy in the class.
Tim’s father is ________ cook in the family.
Where will you travel ?
What did Jane eat for lunch?
_____? An action movie.
What were you doing yesterday evening?
When was the football match?
It’s raining outside, you ___ take an umbrella with you.
“Congratulations, you’ve won one million Dollars. If I were you, I ____ invest the money in a new business.”
Thanks for ____ to be interviewed for the newspaper, Mr. Brown.
Is it true that you ____ here in Bucharest?
If I ____ known you were visiting us, I would have made some cookies.
Maria can’t come this morning; she’s taking care ____ her little brother.
This year our company is expected to ____ $2 million before tax.
____ being in pain, Mark was not hospitalized.
I think I ought to try somewhere else; I don’t like _____ of these.
If you had told me that you had already been to France, I wouldn’t ____ the holiday in Paris.