September 30 – International Translator’s Day

“The ideal reader is a translator. He or she can pull a text to pieces, remove its skin, cut it to the bone, follow each artery and vein and thence fashion a new living being.” (Alberto Manguel)

Although it is a profession practiced since the 200s BC, it was initiated in 1953 and officially celebrated only since 1991, when the International Federation of Translators (FIT) under the auspices of UNESCO, declared September 30 as “International Translator’s Day“. It is on this day, according to the Roman Catholic calendar, that Saint Jerome is celebrated, who in the IIIrd century was the official translator of the Bible from Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek into Latin. His translation is called Biblia vulgata, and Saint Jerome is considered the protector of translators.

September 30 is a reason to point out the importance and role of the profession of translator and multilingualism, which in the last decades gain ground and contribute massively to the process of globalization. The primary role of the translator remains as it was thousands of years ago: to ensure effective communication between people from different cultures and civilizations.

Due to the technical-scientific evolution, the work of translators has been considerably facilitated by the appearance of high-performance tools that allow the accomplishment of translations of any degree of difficulty, from any geographical location.

There are also various professional organizations that promote the work of translators, interpreters and specialists in the field of philology, represent their interests and provide support to both members and non-affiliated translators. We note the following: The International Federation of Translators (FIT), the Association of Professional Translators of Moldova (ATP) and the Union of Authorized Translators of Moldova (UTA). Meetings and training workshops are organized periodically to ensure the professionalism and observance of the professional ethics of translation specialists.

Today we are celebrating the people who promote multilingualism, professionals of the linguistic field, those who carry out with honour and courage the profession of translator, interpreter, etc.

The translation bureau “Lingvistica SRL” expresses its appreciation for the translators/interpreters with whom it works side by side, thanking them for their professionalism and dedication, wishing them well, much success and openness for new experience, and the satisfaction from the work done to be as good as expected!



Zasadnii Maria, translator/teacher