10 new English words for your vocabulary in 2020

The English language is constantly being updated. About 25,000 new words are introduced into the English vocabulary each year. Some words appear as a result of social or political events, which marked a certain period of time or situation, and others, already existing in the vocabulary but “forgotten”, acquire new meanings in the current language. There are also so-called “portmanteau words” or blend words which greatly enrich the vocabulary of a language by combining two existing words, so that at least one of them is truncated.

Image source: thefreedictionary.com

  1. screen time (n.)
    Time spent in front of screens (TV, laptop, tablet, smartphone, etc.).
    ‘How much screen time is allowed for you?’
  1. stan (n.)
    An ardent fan / admirer of a singer or celebrity.
    ‘He is a stan of The Beatles.‘
  1. awesomesauce (adj.)
    Extrem de minunat sau plăcut. Servește drept exclamare.
    Extremely wonderful or enjoyable. It serves as an exclamation.
  1. spite house (n.)
    Building constructed or modified in such a way as to irritate neighbours or bystanders. It is also called the “house of sorrow”.
    ‘This spite house is bothering our
  1. swole (adj.)
    The state of being very muscular and having a well-defined physique.
    ‘This guy is swole and they really like him.‘
  1. zaddy (adj.)
    A very fine, handsome, attractive and intelligent man.
    ‘I fell in love with my husband for he is zaddy.‘
  1. glamping (n.)
    A way of tourist accommodation in the heart of nature, which combines comfort and luxury with respect for the environment, glamorous camping. Word created by combining glamorous and camping.
    ‘Our glamping holiday is unforgettable.‘
  1. douchey (adj.)
    (usually refers to a man or his behavior) stupid, insensitive or contemptuous.
    ‘She broke up with that
  1. G.O.A.T. (acr.)
    It is a popular acronym for Greatest Of All Times.
    ‘We have a O.A.T. English Teacher.‘
  1. hangry (adj.)
    Becoming so hungry that you are angry, starving. Word created by combining hungry and angry.
    ‘I need to eat something right now, I am hangry.‘

Zasadnii Maria, translator / teacher

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