What is, actually, the profession of translator, a job or a vocation?

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Many young people easily decide on the desired profession, even from school, while to someone else, it takes much time to do so. Ambitious, full of courage, lovers of words and reading, sometimes pedantic, communicable and of course eager for new knowledge, more and more potential students choose the Faculty of Letters.

Of course, not everyone manages to successfully initiate the translation activity, others even give up in the first year of university, opting for another professional field. We, the translators, are diverse, we have different skills and potential.  It is clear enough that the love for the work we practice and the eagerness for learning new things is the starting point in the career of a translator.


’Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty. Anyone who keeps learning, stays young. The greatest thing in life is to keep your mind young’, said the famous American engineer, Henry Ford.



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The translation activity has always been of increasing interest in society, not only because it spreads a message from one language to another, or to several languages ​​of international circulation and connects cultures and civilizations, but also ensures the growth and development of a successful business.

Do you think the translation activity has also to be a vocation? A translator who performs his/her job knowingly, with a great enthusiasm for words, with a lot of patience, research and assuming responsibilities and risks, is he/she self-satisfied? Certainly, one’s own activity must bring satisfaction and joy, and the work itself done with love fulfills a noble and useful mission, which gradually becomes a vocation.

The translators’ team within the ‘Lingvistica’ LLC Translations Bureau has always faced the challenges and difficulties during its activity for over 13 years, has shown professionalism and conscientious attitude towards the wishes and suggestions of its clients and has always strived to learn some great and useful things in daily life.

The vocation of the translators from ‘Lingvistica’ LLC shows who they are and what they want in life. As a team, a quite important thing nowadays is what brings them together: love and self-sacrifice in such a difficult and complex job of a translator.

Zasadnii Maria, translator


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