Let us celebrate International Women’s Day together

Yearly, on March 8, we celebrate the cherished women in our lives. The history of International Women’s Day begins on March 8, 1857, as a result of a strike by women working in the New York textile industry. Being unsatisfied with harsh working conditions and low wages, these brave women chanted slogans against discrimination and gender inequality.


The March 8 holiday was made official worldwide by the United Nations only in 1975, at the same time being declared the International Women’s Year. Over time, March 8 has gradually transformed from a political and social holiday to a day when we celebrate women in all their roles: mother, daughter, wife, partner, sister, colleague or businesswoman.


Lately, feminization has grown in various fields and contexts, so the feminization of the Romanian language has been and continues to be necessary to express the corresponding realities. Therefore, there are even various guides and glossaries on non-sexist language and gender equality, which encourage us to use the feminine forms for professions, careers and positions in which women are also found.


We invite you to find out a series of feminized positions, used in speech and writing, due to the direct employment of women on the labour market and their increasingly frequent management positions. Their use shall be at your discretion.


Vice – adjunctă / -e

Deputy – deputată /-e

Director – directoră /-e

Minister – ministră /-e

Notary – notară /-e

Officer – ofițeră /-e

President – președintă /-e

Psychologist – psihologă /-e

Reporter – reporteră /-e

Chief – șefă /-e


On this particular spring day, the company ”Lingvistica” LLC would like to honour the beauty, strength and patience of all ladies, young ladies, mothers, daughters, especially sweetheart women, thanks to which our life takes on colour and meaning. We wish you being and feeling truly fulfilled, loved, protected and justly appreciated. Let always the spring come into your soul!



Yours sincerely,

Lingvistica LLC team



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